TSUBAKI Lube Free X Lambda Chain

Long life without additional lubrication

Special oil-impregnated bushes provide long service life.

Food grade lubricant

Special oil-impregnated bushes provide long service life.

Sintered bushes use NSF-H1 conforming lubricant*


Compatible with standard RS Roller Chain. (*kW ratings will differ.)

Operating temperature range

-10°C to 150°C


Can use Standard RS sprockets (single strand roller chain only)

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This is our biggest improvement to Lambda Chain since we first launched it in 1988. With the huge undertaking to move sintered bush production in-house in 2014, we decided to review the sintered bush material and improve part precision to further increase quality.

We also introduced totally new production methods, equipment, and inspection equipment to stabilize quality even further to allow us to mass produce the bushes and achieve better wear performance. We threw out conventional ways of thinking regarding lubricant for the sintered bushes and tested and evaluated lubricants that were developed under completely new standards.

This allowed us to develop a lubricant that not only conformed to NSF-H1 standards, but also provided even better wear performance.

I have complete confidence in all the improvements we made in everything from design to manufacturing for Tsubaki’s new Lambda Chain. I hope that both current and future users will enjoy the long life benefits that the new Lambda Chain will bring them.